Today’s businesses need to consider the implications of not utilizing digital transformation to improve customer interactions and achieve other business benefits. A successful digital transformation strategy includes reviewing elements such as mobile applications, your eCommerce site, customer data insights, digital branding, and more.

Consider these items when evaluating digital agencies:

  1. The Agency’s Own Look and Feel

How does the agency present itself? Does their site look dated, or is it fresh and current, with seamless cross-platform functionality? You probably want to work with an agency that creates an effective brand and online presence for itself, just as it would for its clients. Take the time to look through their website, as well as any work samples they may provide on the site.

  1. Results-Oriented

How can you tell if a campaign or a message was effective? Let’s all say it together now… RESULTS! Can the agency you’re considering deliver examples of their work with proven, positive results? Ask to see a sample campaign or two, or the before-and-after of a website, as well as numbers for how these performed. You should also consider asking for references.

  1. Experience and Expertise

You’ll want to make sure the agency you work with not only has a lot of experience under their belt, but also expertise in your industry and your needs. They should have a number of examples of their work to share with you that span at least a few years, as well as experts in various disciplines so you’re ensured the best results.

  1. Communication and Timelines

When interviewing an agency, be sure to ask for a tentative timeline on the project. Can they deliver what you need within a reasonable time frame, and build-in appropriate review cycles? Even more specifically, have them outline how often their team will check in with yours. Will they communicate frequent updates? Or will they disappear until they think they’ve completed the project, not getting your feedback during the process?

Consider FiveOut, A Sirius Agency

The team at FiveOut, a Sirius digital agency, has been working together in the digital marketing space for more than nine years. Our experts have experience across multiple specialties including design and strategy, mobility, website and application development, user experiences and more.

FiveOut uniquely combines creative ability with technical implementation expertise. We’ll check off all four items on the agency review list, plus more. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with your organization to identify your needs, outline a digital strategy, build your marketing campaigns and more.