As individuals, we expect and demand better, faster, and more accurate healthcare. The healthcare industry has stepped up to this challenge with new technologies and diagnostic procedures that give healthcare professionals the ability to make better and faster diagnoses. These technologies and procedures require massive amounts of data, both structured and unstructured.  With millions of patients, there’s an ever-increasing growth of medical images and documents. Advanced analytics and big data technologies help hospitals provide this care by extracting meaningful information. With of all of this information, healthcare entities are struggling with their ability to store, access, and maintain the growing untamed data to meet operational and regulatory requirements.

Software-defined storage (SDS) offers a spectrum of new tools for achieving the goals healthcare companies have set for their data needs. SDS is a solution based on separating the storage “intelligence” from the underlying infrastructure. Applications interact only with the software; thus, business agility is gained, by providing flexibility and deployment advantages. Additional benefits like utilizing less expensive hardware, reducing new hardware procurement or enhancing capabilities of existing depreciated assets can provide significant cost savings. Data can be moved automatically among different types of storage or between on-premises and cloud storage to optimize cost and performance. More importantly, this movement can occur without disruption to critical applications. You can read more about software-defined storage and healthcare here.

IBM has enhanced its IBM Spectrum Storage family to simplify a host of challenges from management to licensing. The Spectrum Suite includes a comprehensive family of software-defined storage tools that improve the way organizations manage, protect and store data and more. Find out more and join the conversation!

Every third Thursday through September, Sirius will host live webinars that highlight various Spectrum tools, including Spectrum Control, Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Virtualize. Join us on the following dates to learn more about how IBM Spectrum and Sirius can help you manage your big data for better results:

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