With Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations are able to quickly and easily implement modern IT infrastructure capabilities, with all the business benefits that make infrastructure as a service (IaaS) such as smart move.

AWS offers comprehensive cloud services including compute, storage, database, serverless, IOT, and other functionality that organizations can use to cost effectively deploy applications and services with flexibility, capability, and reliability. The AWS self-service business model allows organizations to address internal plans, and react to external demands when they choose. Likewise, AWS presents robust offerings with seemingly infinite configuration options to tailor deployments around specific needs.

However, the flexibility and sheer number of choices in service setups can be both a blessing and a curse. To address these and more issues, Sirius offers fee-based optimization services to lower costs, improve efficiency and simplify management so the public cloud works the way you intended it to. Click here to learn more.

Sirius, an AWS Consulting Partner, also provides cloud solutions across all deployment models, as well as full consulting services. Contact Sirius today or visit the Cloud Solutions page at siriuscom.com to learn more about our comprehensive approach to documenting business drivers, examining the technology environment, and identifying and evaluating potential cloud deployment models.