The idea economy is challenging the data center to accelerate innovation and optimize every ounce of insight extracted from business operations. Data storage provides the architecture to safeguard and accelerate data transfer for real-time, enterprise-wide decision-making essential for this change. As a case in point, IDC reports that the big data and business analytics market will reach $203 billion by 2020, and that $30 billion of that expenditure will be allocated to hardware purchases alone.

Hardware Barriers

Conventional hard disk drive storage arrays are plagued by high latency, and are unable to scale to meet the performance demands of the idea economy. Hardware-defined architectures are workload-specific and manually provisioned, resulting in fragmented stacks of rigid storage capacity that trap insight and information into silos.

Legacy Storage Limitations

  • Hardware-defined
  • Manually provisioned
  • Workload-specific
  • Many-panes-of-glass management

The Rise of All-Flash Arrays

All-flash storage arrays are transforming the data center from complex and costly to composable and flexible. They leverage solid-state disks (SSDs) to provide dense, reliable storage that speeds data mobility, supports unpredictable workloads, and scales in real-time. Flash adoption is rising. Last year, IDC predicted a triple-digit growth of all flash arrays, and doubling of the decline for HDD-only arrays.

Software-Defined Future

Efforts are on the rise to consolidate the data center with software-defined management and automation to simplify resource provisioning. This composable IT approach disaggregates hardware from software, allowing the resources to be composed and recomposed through policy-based provisioning of any workload, anywhere. Gartner estimates that converged systems will be mainstream in five years. All-flash storage aids in convergence with its high density storage that unifies block, file and object access in a single solution.

Flash Storage Composability Advantages

  • Software-defined storage
  • Automated provisioning
  • Composable for any workload
  • Single-pane-of-glass management

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