In 2017, national service organization Boys Town marks 100 years of supporting at-risk children across the United States. Since its beginnings in Omaha, Nebraska as Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home, the organization has grown to provide services and support to boys, girls, families and parents in need across the country. The Boys Town network now includes two hospitals, six remote clinics and more than 60 national affiliate residential homes in 12 states, including at its original location in the incorporated village of Boys Town, a suburb of Omaha.

In early 2016, Boys Town’s core network infrastructure was in desperate need of transformation. The organization had mismatched core switch technologies in its primary and secondary data centers, located respectively in the headquarters building and the National Research Hospital in Omaha. Because of the mismatch, Boys Town wasn’t able to use the full feature set of either of the cores, and couldn’t meet their own technology goals.

To overcome the limitations of its existing network, and to ensure a future-proof network that would provide the agility and flexibility to grow, Boys Town implemented a completely new network infrastructure based on Cisco ACI technology.

A new Sirius case study details the challenges that faced the Boys Town IT management, and how they worked with Sirius and Cisco to create a future-proof solution that will provide a strong network foundation that includes the ability to develop and deploy hybrid cloud technologies.

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