Managing data security these days is a bit complicated. Too much data is stored solely on user devices. With approximately 30 percent of corporate data living on laptops and mobile devices, it is no wonder that IT is constantly in risk-abatement mode, trying to mitigate the unintended consequences of BYOD, third-party devices, and ad hoc mobility. Enterprises are continually challenged to deliver services to meet end-user demands without compromising data security requirements. And getting work data onto a smartphone or tablet often requires users to adopt unsanctioned file-sharing techniques.

These techniques can put an organization’s data outside the visibility and control of IT. With mobility being the new normal, organizations need to find new ways to securely access and share critical data.

With a three-step approach, organizations can begin to reduce risk and address intensive storage issues:

  • Locate and identify the most relevant data regardless of its type or location. To optimize costs across a mobile enterprise and improve IT efficiencies, data should be placed according to its business value to ensure that the right data is in the right place.
  • Identify data value with automated cataloging, transformation and augmentation. Choose a solution that eliminates data silos, thereby simplifying management, increasing efficiency, and enabling the alignment of mobility strategies and business objectives.
  • Ensure data visibility and control. The solution must handle data in compliance with regulations and be able to easily perform searches or wipe data from a lost or stolen device.

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Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere is all about freeing data to move where it needs to be. It’s a fully integrated content mobility solution designed for enterprise IT. Employees have the ability with intuitive mobility tools to access both cloud and enterprise data, reducing the amount of duplicate data storage, email and content management systems. When paired with Hitachi Data Ingestor, users are able to securely move data over a local or wide area network. With HCP and HDI, enterprises can work towards improving data and cloud mobility.

Grab control over unbridled data growth and silos, and make your enterprise data securely available to users anywhere, anytime. Sirius and Hitachi Data Systems continue to provide unparalleled storage expertise, architecting solutions for your unique business challenges.

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