Storage requirements have changed overtime and will continue to evolve as organizations make their shift towards next-generation apps and the hybrid cloud. As a result, data center teams have to efficiently manage this evolution of growth in order to meet storage challenges.  Why does big data storage matter? To get real value out of data and leverage its power, it needs to make connections and correlations so you can use it for insight and visibility. With this insight you are able to see exactly what is going on, where it is happening and why.

The growing torrent of data from both within and outside organizations offers unprecedented opportunities to gain valued insights that can be used to improve business results. Here are the top three things that should be factored into your storage infrastructure capabilities:

Volume and Variety:

A big data platform needs to be have scalability, especially for big data volumes. The platform also needs to be future-ready, support varied data sources, and have the ability to utilize various access methods (block, file and object) with exceptional speed. With its automatic tiering, extreme scalability and global collaboration, IBM Spectrum Scale addresses both volume and variety.

Valuable Analytics:

There’s quite a bit of guess work that goes into capacity management and planning these days. IT administrators need tools that simplify provisioning and that provide tier optimization and performance management. Placing data and analytics applications at the right tier and at the right cost for maximum speed and efficiencies is essential. Check out IBM’s Spectrum Control, the cloud-based storage monitoring and analytic solution that optimizes data placement and storage management.

Compute at Accelerated Speed:

The most important business decisions often require the most recent data available. An infrastructure that is specifically designed to take advantage of large streams of data with minimum latency to enable real-time data analytics, like IBM FlashSystem, can reduce analytics processing time and open up new business opportunities.

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IBM has enhanced its IBM Spectrum Storage family to simplify a host of challenges from management to licensing. The suite includes a comprehensive family of software-defined storage tools that improve the way organizations manage, protect and store data and more. Find out more and join the conversation!

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