Abstract color tech computerImagine a 482% ROI on a $29k initial implementation with $251k in onboarding costs, and the software cost of $268k spread over three years. What kind of IT investments can offer these kinds of returns?

This example from a Forrester report illustrates exactly what some Sirius clients have already been seeing: incredible returns on their investments by using DevOps to automate application deployments. This report is just one of many that illustrate how focusing on modernization of application development and operations can directly impact your bottom line.

One technology that Sirius is using to accelerate deployment while reducing release costs is IBM UrbanCode. The Forrester study found that IBM UrbanCode enabled the organizations they interviewed to save IT operations engineering resources, achieve faster time-to-market with improvement in application development productivity by at least 15%, and reduce costs by lowering the risk of failed deployments. These organizations also reported slashing the cost of a release by as much as 97 percent, and dramatically reducing deployment times to better support their developers who had adopted Agile application delivery approaches.

Sirius provides full-service DevOps solutions comprising consulting, software, infrastructure, and operations solutions and services, to help clients develop and deliver software more rapidly, with higher quality and less risk.

For more information about Sirius’ DevOps solutions, visit our Business Agility Solutions Web page, or contact us to request a complimentary demonstration. You can also click here to read the Forrester Report, The Total Economic Impact of IBM UrbanCode