Roadmap to Automated Data CenterIf it’s worth doing once, it’s worth automating. True automated management solves some of the largest problems facing IT administrators today by removing the complexities associated with data growth, resource allocation and control, programmatic and repeatable results. But, is automation worth the investment? Well, 82% of enterprises use automation and 50% have fewer deployment failures with the ability to recover 12 times faster. The benefits are potentially limitless, with endless options in terms of cost savings and IT simplification.

When it comes to all-flash storage, here’s why automation matters. Automated management capabilities help organizations address common IT issues by:

  • Simplifying management to avoid time-consuming fire drills.

Through the internal automation of tasks, typically associated with time-consuming manual intervention, automation helps free up time for administrators to take on additional projects that add true dollar value to business.

  • Speeding up time to market by empowering various groups to independently provision storage resources when needed.

By automating integrations, various groups within an organization have the ability to individually provision and manage allocated storage resources, when they need it, and without having to fight for access or priority control – allowing them to achieve greater efficiencies for IT operations and speed product development.

  • Enabling quick and repeatable results by automating storage tasks

Automation reduces time consuming processes that lend themselves to human error.

Automation is the future. How is your organization keeping up with changing storage demands?

The NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage platform is designed to help organizations meet growing business needs by incorporating next generation capabilities. The platform’s native REST-based API empowers automation of the entire data center, reducing the need for manual intervention. More than just a means to make things easier, the automated management approach removes common IT roadblocks (sprawling IT infrastructure, human error, lack of agility, client adhoc changes). SolidFire’s infrastructure gives IT administrators the ability to manage the full spectrum of their IT solutions.

Got questions on how to future-proof your data center?

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