CPS(Cyber Physical System) conceptual abstract image visualSirius business agility specialists, Jeff Whicker and Matt Shannon, were recently featured in IT Jungle’s The Four Hundred for their integrated solution using IBM i and Message Hub on the IBM Bluemix cloud.

The proof of concept wasn’t created for a specific business, but it is a real concept that demonstrates how an IBM i integration with Message Hub on the IBM Bluemix cloud, can be useful in multi-platform operations. More importantly, it’s a first step to reaching Watson integration with IBM i.

“We’ve always been able to do the same stuff with MQ or other methodologies,” Whicker says, “but this shows an option to on-premise messaging.”

IBM MQ is messaging middleware used to integrate applications and business data across multiple platforms, regardless of whether they are on-premise of in the cloud. It’s being used to obtain real-time insight from mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor data.

Message Hub is IBM’s cloud-based, platform as a service technology designed to stream batch and real-time data to analytics applications.

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If you’re going to IBM InterConnect 2017 next week, be sure to check out Jeff and Matt’s presentation covering this solution in depth, “A Smarter Approach to Cloud Messaging Using IBM Technology.”

Using the IBM Cloud for enterprise applications can reduce costs, increase flexibility, and allow developers to focus on creating the business logic most useful to their company. This presentation looks at cloud-based messaging integration between an IBM i and a remote server node or IoT device. Communications between IBM i and a remote node are not necessarily the “next big thing.” However, this proof of concept connects the venerable IBM i platform to another, running completely different programming languages via the cloud-based messaging system known as IBM Message Hub on Bluemix.

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