Custom Applications for your Business BlogCloud applications are disrupting the old “business as usual” model of development. In order for businesses to stay relevant, they must be flexible enough to respond quickly to change, new ideas, workflows and methodologies. One enhancement organizations should consider is custom applications developed in the cloud.

Cloud applications enhance line-of-business products and services, and create competitive—even disruptive—value. Some client painpoints include:

  • Desire to explore, leverage or adopt cloud-based custom applications
  • Proprietary business requirements
  • Costly manual processes
  • Struggles with life cycle management
  • Lengthy time-to-market process

Additionally, applications built on the cloud offer other unique benefits. With developers needing a simple path to data gathered by the application on the cloud, they can obtain business insights on a scalable, pay-as-you-play platform. Applications hosted on cloud environments give you a more flexible and integrated system.

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