BrainstormingHow organizations create data, use and protect it are major concerns for IT leaders today. And rightly so. Storage technology is changing at a blindingly fast pace. And the evolution of cloud, object, hybrid, software, flash, NVM (non-voluntary memory) and software-defined storage solutions provide a nearly baffling dearth of options.

At Sirius, we recommend IT leaders begin tackling a coherent data strategy, with a singular focus on the end goal of ensuring their storage investments support their business strategies and keep pace with the changing needs of the line of business leaders they serve. To that point, we recommend you begin by examining how you currently create, use, protect, archive and restore your data.

Sirius offers a complimentary, agnostic Sirius Storage Strategy Workshop to get you started. The aim is to make it easier to effectively manage and control data in your environment, and to jump-start the development of a functional plan and processes to accomplish all the functions critical to your business outcomes.

A typical Sirius Storage Strategy Workshop includes the creation of a storage topology map that portrays production and disaster recovery storage along with replication methodology in your existing environment. We examine such things:

  • Existing solutions (hardware, software, age, capacity and more)
  • Backup schedules
  • Archiving in place today
  • Current data retention policies
  • Securing data

The workshop includes a planning session as well as a half-day facilitated review and white board session. Click here to learn more about the Sirius Storage Strategy Workshop, or contact Sirius today to start this important conversation, and arrange a workshop with a member of the Sirius IT consulting team in your region.

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