Do you worry about your equipment exiting warranty or paying maintenance on something that is out of use? Are you easily able to keep up on your various contracts? We can help!

At Sirius, we offer clients access to our proprietary SMART (Sirius Maintenance and Renewal Tracking) asset management portal.

With SMART, clients can manage all their inventory and contracts in one secure place. SMART provides the ability to search for various assets by serial number, model, machine or contract number — which helps make contract management more streamlined and efficient across multiple IT manufacturers.

SMART Benefits:

  • Simple, user-friendly navigation
  • One-stop shop for all Sirius contracts
  • Stay up–to-date with important manufacturer updates, such as pricing changes or end of service announcements
  • A dedicated team available for all your maintenance needs
  • Ability to easily update and track additional contracts and asset information on demand

Check out our SMART infographic to learn more or contact us to get started.