tableau-partner-logoSirius has won the Tableau 2016 North & South America Emerging Partner of the Year Award, which recognizes a business partner showing great potential for changing lives through data.

The winner is selected based on volume of Tableau transactions and implementations, 2016 sales growth, go-to-market plans, certification commitments, and being an outstanding partner to work with. Tableau recognized its technology and channel partners during its annual Partner Leadership Summit, which was held January 23-25 in Seattle.

“Tableau is not only a category-defining leader in data visualization, but it’s also a phenomenal organizational agility tool for analytics,” says Karl Haberl, practice director for Sirius Data & Analytics Solutions. “We see the use of Tableau at all levels of organizations; personal, departmental, and enterprise. Tableau is a tool for implementing modern end-to-end, multi-modal, and mission-critical big- and high-performance data systems in any company. Further, Tableau’s focus on being the Switzerland of Data and Sirius’ vendor agnostic approach to integrating across technology vendors to match our clients’ unique data and analytics needs, makes Tableau an essential toolset and platform. This award is an indication of our mutual commitment and strategic alignment and a harbinger of great things to come from Tableau and Sirius in the coming year.”

The Sirius Data & Analytics Team provides industry-leading consulting services that utilize proven technologies clients need to harness the power of their big data and business analytics landscape. Every solution we provide is integrated, implemented and supported by our solution experts. To learn more about our data visualization solutions, contact our Data & Analytics team.