CompanyCover-LinkedIn-1536x768On January 12, Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. announced its first major brand overhaul in almost 20 years.

Since its founding in 1980, Sirius has been known as a value-added reseller. However, the company has evolved over the years to be much more than that – now characterizing itself as an integrator of best-of-breed business and data center solutions, implemented by the brightest minds in the business.

“The Sirius team brings unique value to our clients due to its extraordinary expertise and experience,” says Michael Harwood, senior vice president of Marketing at Sirius. As such, the company decided it was time to evolve in a way that captures the spirit of its philosophy, evolution, and roadmap of the future!

Sirius was named after the brightest star in the night sky. As part of its rebranding effort, the company dropped “Computer Solutions” from its logo, which now features just the word “Sirius” with its updated swoosh. The new tagline, “The Brightest Minds in the Business,” reflects the industry-leading expertise of the company’s employees, while reinforcing its name and business philosophy of providing guidance to clients.

“Our success today and going forward can’t be limited by clients—or even ourselves—thinking of Sirius as just a computer company,” added Joe Mertens, president and chief executive officer of Sirius.

Both Harwood and Mertens agree that the updated branding will help Sirius stay fresh, reflect its evolution, and represent the heart of who Sirius really is.

The new logo and tagline are being featured on the company’s Web site and other branded materials. For more information on Sirius, its updated branding and new logo, please visit