pillarschartToday’s healthcare technology leaders face a tsunami of technology and business requirements. Rapid technology advancements, customers’ digital expectations, healthcare business evolution, consumer- generated data, population health, patient-centered care, meaningful use, regulatory pressures, cost reductions, security and privacy and more. That’s enough to stress out any organization.

Today, healthcare IT must morph from a technology focus to a business orientation — and the business side doesn’t care about how IT gets there; your budget restraints and expertise limitations are your problems. Are there strategies to help keep a healthcare IT leader stay sane while surviving and succeeding the healthcare tsunami?

In a word, yes. As the chief technology officer for a leading quality-care-focused hospital system for two decades, I have faced the tidal wave you live; I led transformation efforts dedicated to improving care rather than pushing commercial products, or as I call them, bright shiny distractions.

As Director of Sirius Healthcare Solutions, I continue to play the evangelist by working with my former peers to support their transformations and overcome their unique challenges. Specifically, the Sirius Healthcare Solutions practice is dedicated to providing our healthcare clients with services such as strategic planning and technology roadmaps, advisory services, technology project management, selection and procurement, installation, managed services, security and compliance to address such things as:

  • Improving care quality
  • Business and IT cost control
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Community outreach and patient engagement
  • EMR / EHR infrastructures and optimizations
  • Leveraging analytics for healthcare insights and intelligence

Sirius has defined a strategy to help our clients create flexible building blocks for both business and technology to meet most current and future demands in healthcare.  Leveraging Sirius’ seven actionable pillars and strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations and forward-thinking companies, Sirius can help your organization identify, plan and execute on your overarching business goals.

Sirius is a leading national IT solutions integrator with offerings spanning the data center and lines of business. What’s more, Sirius is a proud member of The CHIME Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to thought leadership in the healthcare industry. Contact Sirius to schedule a discussion about your IT needs in healthcare environments. Learn more by visiting the Sirius Healthcare Solutions page at siriuscom.com.