two business persons plan a projectWe all know that at some point the very data center we rely on may run out of space or power. When it comes to today’s data center, IT administrators have to be able to accommodate growth and acquire the flexibility needed to handle new types of traffic. What happens when it’s time for a data center migration? Looking to move to a software-defined infrastructure?

If you plan on building scalable architecture for the future, you’ll need hands-on capabilities to ensure the smoothest migration. Sirius’ Software-defined Innovation Center (SDxIC) allows you to experience:

  1. The power of software-defined solutions in a fully integrated lab environment
  2. Building roadmaps and architecture for future data centers
  3. Staging and/or proof-of-concept efforts
  4. Assisted client migration/implementation of Cisco ACI

New technologies can be overwhelming, and often times it is difficult to determine which solution is the best value for your specific data center. The SDxIC offers demonstrations in multiple technologies including, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) software-defined networking solutions, VMware NSX software-defined networking solutions, dual data center, and more. The SDxIC is designed to help you become comfortable with new technology before deployment.

Utilizing solution workshops, our SDxIC architects will work with you to design solutions, test configurations, review your current architecture, and discuss recommended changes for your environment. Our workshops allow clients to break and fix without impact; perform multiple scenarios and test in depth; and create optimal designs based on your unique requirements.  You’ll not only develop insights into saving time and effort during deployment, but you’ll have an objective view of your solutions. So, are you ready to migrate to a software-defined data center?

Interested in learning more about the SDxIC? Sirius has a dedicated team of expert architects to help you improve your IT environment. Connect with a Sirius representative today.