The growth and complexity of machine data is continually heightening the need for a solid high-performance infrastructure. Traditional IT infrastructure is ill-suited to address growing data needs.

In addition, reducing complexity, improving data security and eliminating any bottlenecks are top priorities for many organizations. How do you find a complete solution that simplifies your delivery of an end-to-end solution to understand your big data?

Machine data analytics meets server and storage integration with Splunk and Nutanix. Together they deliver the scalability your organization needs to grow its deployment and make the big data play. And Sirius offers quick deployment, simple management and high-performance search and indexing using these two technologies.

Sirius provides this bundled solution—based on manufacturer best practices and recommended architectures—to optimize the delivery of Splunk Enterprise across your organization. The appliance comes in five sizes based on data ingestion to elevate your operational intelligence, and get you on a path to better business decision-making. For more information about Sirius’ Splunk and Nutanix solution, contact your client executive or call 800-460-1237.

Check out the infographic below or click here to download.