World of Watson 2016Sirius, with its Brightlight Business Analytics team, was named the “IBM Worldwide Big Data Business Partner of the Year” on October 23 during IBM’s World of Watson 2016 event in Las Vegas.

Sirius was chosen based on its IBM big data analytics software sales, successful solution implementations and expertise. Amongst other key software successes, Sirius sold three BigInsights SaaS deals in the second quarter of 2016. This marks Sirius’ first worldwide win for big data.

“This award is proof that our investment in big data, data platforms, advanced analytics, and visualization provide substantial value to our clients,” says Joe Grant Bluechel, Managing Director and General Manager of Sirius Brightlight Business Analytics.

“The market continues to shift as new technologies and industry solutions gain traction. It is our job to not only stay current, but evolve in emerging areas that make our clients more effective and efficient,” he concludes.

Sirius’ customized business analytics solutions span five core components, including:

• High Performance and Big Data
• Visual and Advanced Analytics
• Data in the Cloud
• Data Integration Strategies and Framework
• Analytics Management Lifecycle

The Sirius Brightlight team provides industry-leading consulting services that utilize the proven technologies clients need to harness the power of their big data and business analytics landscape. Every solution we provide is integrated, implemented and supported by our solution experts. For more information, visit