lady with powerful armsHow can you tell if your infrastructure is running efficiently? Do you have insight into the performance, utilization and heath of your storage infrastructure? When was the last time you had an assessment or a health check? Waiting until a data crisis strikes is not the best time to try and improve your storage environment.

Whether you’re working to solve a current problem, or mapping out the future, an infrastructure health check gives you the opportunity to combat performance issues.

Sirius can help you take control of your storage environment. In partnership with SVA Software, and for a limited time, complementary health check assessments for your IBM virtualized infrastructure are available. The health check applies to your IBM Storwize and Spectrum Virtualize (SVC) infrastructure.

How does it work?

A certified Sirius Storage Engineer will introduce a lightweight data collection tool into your IBM Storwize/Spectrum Virtualize (SVC) environment. This tool will collect configuration and performance telemetry data from your environment for a short period of time, typically one week. Once the data collection is complete, the data is processed, correlated, analyzed, and transformed into comprehensive reports and graphs. The data will provide a unique view into your storage infrastructure and actionable insight.

Sirius and SVA Software are working together to help organizations reduce costs and optimize operations and workloads. For more information or to request your complementary storage health check, connect with a Sirius representative today to get started, or contact us to start your storage conversation with Sirius.