thinkstockphotos-514416224-1Your IT environment is complex. Visibility across your applications and infrastructure can be challenging. Without clear line of sight, how can you ensure everything works flawlessly and in harmony?

On October 20, Sirius will host a live webinar sharing the competencies of IT-operation analytics using Splunk Enterprise and Nutanix. You will hear from industry experts how this innovative solution combines powerful analytics functionality with end-to-end visibility to help you meet SLAs and make better decisions about your IT environment. Learn how Sirius’ full consultation services, complimentary strategic assessment and technology evaluation can help with roadmap development, key performance indicators and mapping.


Sirius Converged Infrastructure Architect, Patrick Bingham

Sirius Splunk Platform Leader, Wendi O’Neill


At the end of the webinar, we will have a live drawing and one lucky winner will receive a PlayStation 4! In addition, all clients who attend will receive a complimentary Splunk t-shirt and a Nutanix Bluetooth headset.

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