Father and Super Son ServerFirewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention platforms are all strategies capable of protecting organizations from data center security threats; but, what happens when the threat comes from the inside? Perimeter-based security is not the only tactic organizations should be privy to, especially when a great deal the traffic within data centers works laterally. Traditional data center architecture assumes that all east-west traffic occurs in a well-protected trust zone.

Whether through advance social engineering or compromised third-party attacks, professional hackers can penetrate one data center device and use that as a platform to launch more attacks inside of the data center. Addressing these new security challenges, microsegmentation is causing quite the buzz in the networking industry. By dividing the data center into smaller, more protected zones, microsegmentation works like an insurance policy. Even if one device is compromised, the breach will be continued to a smaller fault domain.

Sirius partner, Cisco offers new degrees of flexibility and automation with networking management through its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). With the latest ACI Policy Model and microsegmentation features, organizations are equipped to enhance the security posture of their physical server infrastructure by minimizing the attack surface. We all know the best defense is a good offense; and while users can’t entirely prevent their data from being compromised, they can leverage Cisco ACI and its microsegmentation capabilities to dramatically limit an attacker’s control space. Learn all about microsegmentation and Cisco ACI—from Theory to Practice here.

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