We can all agree that big data can be overwhelming, especially if it’s not organized and managed efficiently. But, why is structured data important? How does it help your organization’s various lines of business? These are questions we hear every day.

The big data revolution is here; and it’s imperative for organizations to develop a strategic analytics roadmap that optimizes their business processes to give them competitive advantage. But how can do we make sense of priorities? What are the key competencies?

Strive for Five: Sirius Brightlight’s Core Competencies

Brightlight focuses on these five competencies, and offers a variety of big data and analytics solutions and services that can be customized to meet specific needs.


  1. High Performance & Big Data

Business enterprises need big and high performance data capabilities for cheaper stockpiling of multi-structured data; for faster computation for strategic analytics assets; and for streaming data to support the burgeoning world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

  1. Visual & Advanced Analytics

Many analytics solutions fail at the final mile, rendering an otherwise effective data integration, warehousing and analytic data model useless. It’s important to design and deliver compelling, multi-dimensional user interfaces, experiences and analytic intelligence. This can be accomplished by utilizing integrated data discovery, data quality monitoring, dimensional modeling, dashboards, scorecards, pivots, visualization, statistics, data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning.

  1. Data in the Cloud

Many corporate IT assets are being deployed in the cloud in an effort to benefit from a pay-per-play pricing structure, and shared support and maintenance resources that have no organizational boundaries. Migrating data to the cloud even lowers total cost of ownership, giving your organization more time to focus on business.

  1. Data Integration Strategies & Frameworks

Brightlight will help you design an adaptive, future-proof, modern, data warehousing platform using an array of adaptive accelerators, dynamic modeling methods and re-usable design patterns. This can dramatically reduce many of the labor-intensive processes associated with data integration and data warehousing.

  1. Analytics Lifecycle Management

Effective analytics is not about the technical assets you’ve invested in, but rather it requires managing a delicate balance between the scale of your data, the complexity of your solutions, and the sophistication of your technical and business teams. Brightlight can help get you on a more effective path with a strategic, technical and/or organizational analytics assessment, multi-phase platform roll-out, data governance and extended support.

Whether you are looking to harness the power of solutions you already have in place, or implement new solutions to get more from your data, we have the experience to help your organization improve efficiency, mitigate risk, prevent fraud, reduce cost, identify new markets and more.

You can download our Business Analytics Overview. Contact us to request a complimentary demonstration.