CloudBPMThe Future of Business Operations

Traditionally, business operations are a set of activities completed by knowledge workers to serve their customers. Business process solutions are essential for enterprises and their knowledge workers to run business operations effectively.

Today, a fundamental change to the origination of business processes is underway. A customer of a particular enterprise expects to interact directly with a business process through omnichannels, such as mobile devices, Websites, physical locations, and even through the IoT.

In one example, insurance companies are monitoring their customers’ driving patterns by deploying IoT devices to determine the most appropriate insurance rates. These IoT devices can originate the rating and underwriting processes to issue something entirely new called agile insurance policies.

This evolution is already underway. Even now, business processes are originating beyond organizational boundaries, and running through the front office of the enterprise, all the way to back office operations. Additionally, process participation in mobile devices is increasing. Traditional internal processes are moving toward the boundaries of your enterprise. Business Process Management (BPM) technologies bring efficiency and agility to that evolution.

The Challenge

The business landscape is ever-changing, as are the underlying operations. While it is always hard to predict future needs, we do know that business processes should not only have to ability to accommodate the extension beyond organizational boundaries, but must also be ready to extend to any device, anywhere.

The Solution

Cloud-enabled BPM Solutions will transform business processes to extend beyond organizational boundaries. Cloud-based business process enablement helps enterprises manage their processes as a service, giving them greater enterprise agility. Migrating business operations to the cloud will also pave the way for cost-effective business process outsourcing opportunities.

Establishing a robust BPM capability in the cloud is the first step in the journey toward making the processes available on any device, anywhere!

Cloud infrastructure also helps IT leaders reduce TCO by providing scalability, free upgrades and 24/7 support, thereby presenting the opportunity to use your resources on core business projects.

What are you waiting for? Sirius business process experts provide the insights you need for a worry-free cloud migration by conducting a consultative cloud assessment.

We can help you migrate and build a cloud resident business process solution that has long-term vision, and leverages the capabilities of the industry-leading IBM Smarter Process Suite.

Sirius “Bridge the Gap” Cloud Assessment

We start with a strategic analysis of your business processes and their cloud value play, enterprise architecture, security, and cloud migration maturity at an enterprise level. We will further evaluate your existing BPM landscape—including licensing, security, integration, data persistence, SSO and portal customization—to identify cloud migration challenges and provide solutions for mitigating those challenges. At the end of the engagement, Sirius will deliver an assessment report that will serve as the baseline artifact in planning your cloud migration.

Sirius’ detailed Cloud Assessment Report will help you:

  • Migrate to cloud without the worry
  • Understand the tradeoffs of moving to BPM on cloud
  • Plan and budget for a cloud migration

Sirius consultants have the best skills in the industry, and a successful history of delivering BPM projects to some of the most well-known companies in the U.S. Based on our in-depth assessment, we leverage our partnerships with today’s leading solution providers, best practices, frameworks and templates to deliver the best recommendations for your organization.

Please visit the Sirius Business Agility page for more information. Contact your Sirius client executive, or email us at to schedule your complimentary BPM Cloud Assessment.