SecureITInfrastructureBecause of malicious breaches, theft of proprietary data and compliance requirements, security is now a priority for every organization. If these reasons aren’t enough proof, here are four more.

  • Detection is Key

Identifying threats is your organization’s first line of defense. Closing the gaps—using either a managed service or self-managed system—will prevent an IT catastrophe, saving you time and money on recovery.

  • Monitoring 24/7, aka Prevention

A sound monitoring system prevents sensitive information from being compromised, saving you (again) time and money. Having the right Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution in place is a proactive, holistic approach. The SIEM alerts you of potential threats and breaches before the damage is done.

  • Having a Comprehensive Security Shield

Security is important to not only cyberspace, but the entire IT infrastructure. Hackers attempt numerous attack angles, and safeguarding your network, cloud, database, virtual environment and applications gives your organization widespread protection.

  • Response Time

As you know, timing is everything. A data breach can happen in seconds and a short recovery time is imperative to your company’s reputation. Don’t risk losing your customers’ trust by being reactive. Have a response plan in place.

How can Sirius Computer Solutions help?

Sirius offers a holistic approach to assessing threats, providing best-of-breed security products and services, and protecting clients’ businesses from potentially devastating compromises. We offer complimentary technical Security Architecture Reviews that identify gaps and provide specific and actionable recommendations for remediation. Our certified security consultants can help you develop a high-level understanding of your security controls; identify areas that may require attention; and prioritize any changes or enhancements.

Sirius can evaluate your IT structure and help get you on the path to a safe and secure infrastructure. Visit Security & Compliance for more information, or contact us to request a complimentary Security Architecture Review.