Are you struggling with managing unstructured data, or simply looking to understand what big data means to your organization? In this recorded webinar you will learn about big data, data lakes, and how you can get started redefining the way you manage unstructured data with solutions provided by EMC and Splunk.

Among the topics covered are:

  • What big data is, and how you can strategically harness it
  • How data lakes solutions from EMC are meeting the growing needs for new combinations of data, as well as how organizations are putting big data analytics to work across the enterprise
  • How one platform can house all analyzable data sets in a single, shared location, providing simpler management and reducing time-to-insight
  • How to futureproof your infrastructure investments to meet big data requirements in the future
  • How Splunk’s platform for operational intelligence allows clients to search, monitor, analyze and visualize data

Sirius provides complete business and data center solutions to help companies of all sizes reduce IT costs and complexity, improve service levels for their internal and external clients, and minimize risk and downtime across the entire data center. And Splunk offers solutions that help us do our job for you. Contact Sirius today to schedule a discussion or visit us online and learn more about how Sirius supports clients with  big data and analytics solutions.