LinuxONEA little over 10 years ago, IBM ran a TV commercial that showed two IT guys in a data center that was empty except for one server against the back wall. The hysterical character fears their servers have all been taken. “No,” the calm character reassures him. “We just moved them all onto that one.”

Now more than ever, IT departments are under pressure to develop next-gen apps, consolidate workloads, and add and deliver IT services faster and more efficiently. Of course, they’re supposed to do all this with fewer resources and lower funding. Oh, and to keep license costs down, they’re also tasked with integrating open-source technologies wherever possible.

Linux continues to gain in popularity for its reliability, manageability and low cost. Now IBM has released LinuxONE, a Linux-only mainframe platform that allows organizations to consolidate hundreds or even thousands of virtualized Linux servers onto a single system, slashing hardware costs, dramatically reducing power and cooling requirements… and freeing up all kinds of space in the data center!

IBM LinuxONE combines the unsurpassed reliability, availability and performance of IBM z Systems mainframes with the flexibility of Linux. You can choose the hypervisor, the Linux distro (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE, and now Ubuntu) and software (open-source or proprietary) that best suit your environment. And your high-priority workloads won’t be degraded when low-priority workloads are added to the mix.

Over more than a decade, Sirius has helped dozens of clients make the move to Linux on z Systems. Now, with IBM LinuxONE, we can virtualize many different workloads, including production, test/dev, and QA onto one physical server, reducing costs and complexity. If you are looking at cloud, mobile, analytics, big data, application serving or DevOps, LinuxONE can support all of these solutions, with industry-leading reliability and security.

The process of consolidating your Linux workloads to LinuxONE begins with an assessment by one of our dedicated Linux and z Systems consultants. They’ll evaluate your IT environment and show you how LinuxONE can help you meet your business goals.

So if your servers have taken over, and you would like to say “We just moved them all onto that one,” consider IBM LinuxONE from Sirius Computer Solutions. Contact us to learn more from one of our Linux specialists.