ThinkstockPhotos-463151329Information security is very challenging these days. In fact, most say it’s impossible. An unprecedented number of new threats and tactics arise on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are always bad people that will steal, and in today’s world the greatest and easiest opportunity is at the end of an IP address. Technologists are detecting and responding to security breaches, rather than preventing them in the first place.

But one company stands alone with a singular focus on prevention: Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto was founded on the principle that good guy technology wasn’t being done well enough, so it built a security platform to fill the gap. This security platform has become a disruptive technology that is stopping the bad guys and making the other good guys pay attention.

Palo Alto introduced a brand new approach to information security with a platform that sees and stops threats in a new way using preventive technology based on applications and users — where business is done — unlike traditional network- and IP-centric approaches. By layering this technology at each point in the “kill chain,” it ensures that the bad guys are the ones being defeated. Palo Alto security solutions:

  • Protect applications and users on the network, as they are mobile
  • Protect applications and users as they leverage the cloud
  • Protect businesses from the known threats, and those that are yet to arise

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