SiriusHyperconvergedCloudOver the past few years, as the term cloud has permeated every information technology company’s messaging and embedded itself within the IT lexicon, I find myself cringing every time I see this word. Aside from being the most overused marketing term in the industry today it can also be quite vague. What is cloud anyway?

Simply put, it is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources with three cloud types: private, public, and hybrid. To that point, enterprise cloud is different. It is the application of cloud computing to strategic goals for competitive advantage, providing opportunities for both cost savings and business innovation due to unprecedented speed, agility, and vastly improved collaboration among business partners and clients.

There are plenty of vendors that offer enterprise cloud solutions, but Nutanix is among the Sirius partners that offers a truly compelling solution. Nutanix offers web-scale (hyperconverged) infrastructure solutions that are distributed, resilient, and 100% software-defined. This creates an invisible operation within the data center with one-click simplicity through built-in machine intelligence, automation and analytics. In addition, application mobility can be realized through seamless migration between hypervisors, containers and clouds without vendor lock-in, in a security-first design hardened by default with self-healing capabilities. The result is an enterprise cloud solution and environment on premise within data centers and/or their remote and branch offices.

As our clients’ data centers evolve toward next-generation enterprise computing, Nutanix is leading the charge with their next-generation Xtreme Computing Platform (XCP), which delivers invisible infrastructure enabling IT teams to focus on what matters: the applications and services that power their business.

Comprising two product families – the Nutanix Acropolis server virtualization hypervisor and Nutanix Prism management and monitoring console – XCP extends the industry-leading hyperconverged solution to enable application independence from the infrastructure. These innovations greatly simplify the data center, reduce costs and enhance IT service delivery, with use cases including VDI, private cloud, server virtualization, analytics, data protection, and disaster recovery.

Sirius provides converged infrastructure solutions across all deployment models, as well as full consulting services. To learn more, visit the Sirius Converged Infrastructure page or contact Sirius to speak with one of our converged infrastructure specialists.