Infrastructure_That_WorksOne of the largest initiatives that our clients are undertaking is the virtualization of their entire environment. They need a virtual infrastructure that is agile enough to easily grow and expand with their business, while providing enterprise-class performance and reliability. This is where converged and hyperconverged infrastructures come in. While hyperconverged environments help to address size and complexity issues, they don’t completely address data resiliency. Hyperconverged environments are still at risk for data loss through a variety of threats including data corruption, human error, malware and more. If you are running a hyperconverged environment, you could have multiple vendors involved, in which case your efforts to provide data resiliency will have created an environment that is both costly and extremely complex. But if these needs are ignored, the organization could be at risk for anything from punitive fines and legal liability to complete data loss.

Commvault has partnered with Nutanix to provide a single solution that fully integrates with the Nutanix hardware and all hypervisors supported by Nutanix. This offers a simple solution for all platforms running on Nutanix to ensure data resiliency down to the application level. This partnership allows an organization to integrate Commvault into their Nutanix environment so it can start protecting data and mitigating the threats listed above. Since Commvault integrates at the hardware level, it can securely and easily protect very large virtual environments, automate discovery and protections of new virtual machines, efficiently create and move secondary copies of data for disaster recovery or long-term data retention, provide granular recovery down to a single file or object, and manage a virtual machine’s entire life cycle, easing the management of VM sprawl.

Together, Nutanix and Commvault help IT organizations address the evolving challenges of running, protecting and managing their applications and data. Key features of the integration include:

  • Deploying a data protection solution that aligns to the applications’ unique needs, with options for both streaming and snapshot-based backup for virtual machines
  • Collapsing backup windows and accelerating restores through easy-to-use snapshot management without scripting
  • Ensuring application consistency across a wide range of enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, Exchange, and SQL Server
  • Eliminating the need for complex, multiple point-solutions with a fully integrated solution across physical machines, virtual machines running the VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix Acropolis hypervisors, and cloud-based data

With this integration, these Sirius partners offer an environment that is scalable, has enterprise data management and protection, is hypervisor-agnostic, and allows for data tiering, off-siting, and content indexing. Sirius is a Commvault Platinum partner and a Nutanix Elite partner.

With Sirius’ converged infrastructure solutions, you’ll have the tools you need to face your toughest business challenges. Connect with a Sirius representative today to get started.