ThinkstockPhotos-477203388Healthcare is the biggest single industry that Sirius serves, and the company is dedicated to providing complete technology solutions that address our healthcare clients’ business challenges. But we also want to provide opportunities for healthcare organizations to share information that will help them meet the demands of efficiency, security and compliance that they all face.

To that end, Sirius and several key partners recently sponsored the first Sirius Healthcare2Healthcare event Salt Lake City, a two-day forum where decision-makers from some of the top healthcare organizations in the nation could discuss and learn about the topic of analytics in healthcare.

The event featured presentations by C-level executives of Intermountain Healthcare, including the chief quality officer, chief medical informatics officer, chief data officer, and chief information officer.

The first full day was reserved for presentations about how Intermountain uses data to positively impact the quality of care and lower overall cost, followed by discussion sessions where the attendees could share the analytics challenges and efforts undertaken by their respective organizations.

To ensure an open dialog, no sales representatives from Sirius or our partners were allowed in the first-day sessions, though they did join at dinner to hear what the group had learned and discussed during the day.

On day two, Sirius partners provided targeted, one-hour presentations focused specifically on their products or solutions in the analytics space, and how they relate to healthcare organizations.

Sirius is currently planning upcoming Healthcare2Healthcare events on Security and Teleservices with the same format and attention to client interaction. We greatly appreciate the participation of Intermountain Healthcare, our clients and prospects at this inaugural event, and have welcomed their feedback. We’ll continue to listen and adjust to create the most useful and informative events possible.

Speak to your Sirius representative about our solutions for the healthcare industry, or contact us for more information.