ibm_spectrum_storageSirius Computer Solution continues to be a leader in providing integrated Software-Defined Storage solutions to our clients. Our expertise in understanding client infrastructure and marrying that with desired business outcomes gives us the ability to delight hundreds of satisfied clients. With our unique integration capability across a wide array of en
terprise disciplines, Sirius can provide complete design, implementation, and management services for our clients.

As IBM’s #1 reseller of Spectrum Storage Software, Sirius brings to bear a legion of highly skilled storage architects, engineers and consultants to ensure robust, flexible and economical solutions are implemented to meet our clients’ enterprise needs. The Spectrum Storage Suite provides another agile offering for Sirius to help clients craft solutions that maximize value while minimizing cost.

Please check out Ron Riffe’s recent blog on The Storage Community for more information on the many benefits of the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite.

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