tabletSirius and IBM recently hosted an online webinar to demonstrate how clients can access and analyze all of their data. Data now comes in many formats, from many application sources, and can exist on premise, in a cloud, or externally. Delivering insight from this complex, hybrid landscape of data will improve your decision making ability, provide competitive advantage, while increasing customer service and satisfaction.

Beyond unified access and search of all your data, Watson Explorer provides advanced content analytics and integration with the unique cognitive capabilities of the IBM Watson platform. This “Cognitive Exploration” lets you combine and analyze any type of data from anywhere in your organization, and presents it to users based on role or activities they need to perform. Watson Explorer changes the way people work with information by reducing the amount of time they spend searching for data.

If you missed the live demonstration, it’s now available to watch on demand. Visit Watson Solution Webinar to view the Web presentation and learn how Watson Explorer can be leveraged by your organization to efficiently consume information from a variety of data sources, as well as quickly identify patterns that help make better business decisions.