The success of Linux in the data center relies on open-source software and open development. That’s how IBM came up with the idea to build the first open hardware platform, called OpenPower, using the IBM POWER8 processor.  Now, IBM has announced the next servers based on POWER8 processors, the IBM Power Systems LC Server family. LC stands for Linux clouds and clusters, and these new servers were built in collaboration with OpenPower Foundation partners NVIDIA, Mellanox, Xilinx, TYAN and Wistron.

The LC servers are designed to run big data workloads at half the cost of x86-based servers, providing the performance and capabilities of the IBM POWER8 processor combined with the cost advantages of industry standardization. These new systems offer powerful, scalable and economical means to put data to work for your business.

The IBM Power System S812LC allows you to act quickly on data-driven insights:

  • Designed for workloads that are memory- and storage-rich, such as Spark and Hadoop, to provide immediate insights with incredible efficiency.
  • Provides superior throughput and performance for high-value Linux workloads such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), big data and analytics, or industry applications.
  • Optimized for Hadoop with up to 14 large form factor (LFF) drives installed in a 2U rack-optimized form factor.
  • Optimized for clusters and scale-out deployments built on a 1S2U platform with up to 10 cores of POWER8.

With the Power Systems S822LC for commercial computing, you can extract value from mountains of data:

  • It’s ideal for data in the cloud and flexible capacity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
  • Its modular design is optimized to scale from single racks to hundreds of racks for large-scale clusters and scale-out deployments built on a 2S2U platform with up to 20 cores of POWER8.

The Power Systems S822LC for high-performance computing can deliver faster time to results:

  • It is ideal for cluster deployments across a broad range of industries.
  • Some models include two integrated NVIDIA GPUs for accelerated processing power.
  • It increases workload density and reduces data center floor space requirements

There are many use cases for LC servers. For oil and gas exploration, an S822LC for high-performance computing crunches far more data in the same footprint as an x86 server, delivering seismic results faster. Using an S822LC for commercial computing, a Web company can leverage the low-cost choice of an open-source management stack, and get application performance gains to support twice as many clients as typical x86 systems. A retailer using the Power Systems S812LC and S822LC can combine a Hadoop data warehouse with Spark analytics to predict consumer behavior.

If you are looking to bring open innovation to the Linux servers in your data center, it’s time to consider the Power Systems LC Line. Contact us to learn more.