In today’s fast-paced world, requirements and priorities change frequently. Have you ever spent months or even years designing and implementing a system only to discover that much had changed, or that your customer no longer needed what was originally required? Wouldn’t it be better to set short iterations with frequent checkpoints, allowing your team to self-correct and adapt quickly so you can deliver better software, with zero defects on schedule?

Organizations that utilize Agile project management are able to adjust priorities as needed so they can respond quickly to their customers’ needs, identify fixes, and get to market faster. In fact, research shows that Agile projects reach market 37% faster.

Deliver better software faster

Agile development is a common umbrella term used for today’s highly interactive and incremental approaches to software development. Unlike traditional software development practices, Agile incorporates close, cross-functional collaboration and frequent planning and feedback as funda­mental tenets inherent to the evolution of a software system.

The overarching focus of Agile develop­mental projects is the frequent delivery of high-quality, working software in the form of business-valued functionality. Each of these methods emphasizes ongoing alignment between technology and the business.

Agile practices are adaptive in that they embrace and manage changing require­ments and business priorities throughout the development process. There is also considerable emphasis on empowering teams and collaborative decision-making.

Designed to meet the needs of your organization

Each Agile project is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and Sirius can provide guidance and direction on current projects, or manage the project for you. Each engagement starts with a needs assessment to determine whether Agile can improve the methodology you are currently using, or to determine a plan for new projects.

Our project managers are experienced Agile users, having utilized these practices both with clients and internally at Sirius. They are active in the Agile community, and many are Agile Certified.

Contact your Sirius client executive for more information on reducing project risks and increasing operational efficiency with Agile consulting services.