The Sirius Networking team recently unveiled the brand-new Sirius SDN (software-defined networking) Integration Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Representing an investment of over a million dollars, the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI)-enabled data center is providing Sirius clients with a real-world experience that shows why and how to migrate from their current environment to a Cisco ACI-enabled data center. The Sirius SDN Integration Center is a fully functioning testing center that allows clients to perform Cisco ACI proofs of concept before actually moving to Cisco ACI, and to “mock up” their current data center to develop a detailed migration plan.

As part of the announcement and to fully unveil the center, Sirius held a client open house on August 5, 2015. Over 40 clients were in attendance to learn about the latest in SDN technology and, more importantly, how they can use their networks as a competitive advantage in terms of business agility, reduced cost, increased security and scalability. At the open house, Sirius Engineers Nathan Johnson and Chris Wham demonstrated the interoperability of Cisco ACI with a traditional Cisco infrastructure. They also discussed use cases and deployment strategies that are demonstrable in the lab environment, including migration methodologies to transition from existing infrastructures and technologies into an ACI-enabled data center.

Contact us or reach out to your Sirius client executive to learn more about the Sirius SDN Integration Center and how you can visit to see a live demonstration.