Today, for every dollar that a company invests in storage, eight additional dollars often follow to manage it. As most organizations try to control storage costs, they often lack a good way to track their storage assets, provision workloads for new applications, maximize utilization, ensure fast, efficient data access, and predict future capacity needs. For large or midsize organizations, taking advantage of cloud-based delivery is a smart way to streamline storage and data management. IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights is a cloud-based solution that provides flexibility with no long-term commitment. It is designed to deliver the visibility required to resolve storage management complexity, reduce cost, and maximize capacity and capability.

Delivered as a service, Storage Insights uses powerful contextual analytics to simplify management and provide insight to better control the environment without the need to install, manage and maintain on-premises software. Accurately identifying and categorizing assets, IBM’s integrated analytics also speed problem resolution and root cause analysis. With an intuitive dashboard, capacity and performance can be visualized in context, even down to the application and department level. This cloud-based storage management solution can reduce infrastructure costs, accelerate service delivery, and improve monitoring of the storage that services enterprise applications.

Let Sirius help you take advantage of the power of IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights. With our vast experience working with organizations of all sizes, we aid you in quickly sizing, ordering and deploying the solution to rapidly gain actionable insights.

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