AcropolisOn June 9th at the .NEXT Conference 2015, Nutanix unveiled its next-generation Xtreme Computing Platform (XCP) to deliver invisible infrastructure that enables IT teams to focus on what matters to them — the applications and services that power their businesses. Comprising two comprehensive product families, Nutanix Acropolis and Nutanix Prism, XCP extends the company’s industry-leading hyperconverged solution to enable application independence from infrastructure with an advanced app mobility feature, native virtualization, and consumer-grade search capability. These innovations greatly simplify the data center, reduce costs, and enhance IT service delivery.

Most people are going to be struck, at least initially, by the extraordinary functionality Acropolis and Prism add to the Nutanix hyper-scale platform. But even after the ‘cool’ factor wears off, they’ll probably recognize that this is even more revolutionary than they think.

Nutanix has redefined what ‘change’ means

From the provider side of the IT industry, rapid change is undesirable because it limits the ability to fully exploit a market. It takes time to recoup investments and extract a profit, so to a large degree the longer that period, the more beneficial to providers. At the very least, they need to control the pace of innovation.

From the user side, rapid change is undesirable for at least two reasons: investments need to amortize over time, and rapid change can disrupt the IT environment and its processes to the detriment of the business.

Nutanix’s concept of invisible infrastructure is allowing the company to continually disrupt itself and its own technologies without penalty to the user, by abstracting IT-to-business alignment beyond the platform.  That makes Acropolis, Prism and XCP enablers for rapid business change for users, while also making them receptive to rapid technology change beneath their software covers.

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