Sirius Business ContinuityFinancial Services: 9 Steps to Continuity Success, a Channel Partners Toolbox report issued this month, provides insights on how financial services firms can ensure a successful business continuity strategy.

Business continuity covers not just your systems, but also data, facilities, infrastructure, communications — and most importantly, your people. A successful business continuity plan helps companies ensure that essential functions continue during and after a disaster. It helps organizations prevent interruption of mission-critical services and re-establish the function of systems and personnel. That’s why it is now a key consideration not just for CIOs, but for the entire executive suite and even at the board level.

This eight-page report by Anne Rawland Gabriel, features Sirius IT Consultant Mike Holmes among the industry experts. It focuses on financial services with best practices that are transferable across industries. It also identifies factors to consider when determining your unique recovery needs, as well as the technologies to best match them.

Business continuity is one of three focus areas of emergency management at Sirius, along with emergency preparedness and IT disaster recovery. While most organizations realize the importance of a reliable emergency management plan, they lack the expertise and internal resources to develop, implement and test it. Sirius Emergency Management services span the entire spectrum of emergency management in lockstep with current industry best practices and standards. Sirius customizes its consulting services and solutions to the unique needs of each client to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies of all kinds.

Contact Sirius to speak with one of our IT Consultants about business continuity. Learn more by visiting the Business Continuity Solutions page. Learn more about the Channel Partner Toolbox by visiting their business continuity page.