ThinkstockPhotos-466086259Here is the list of Top 10 reasons why IBM Power Systems is an ideal platform for big data and analytics type workloads:

  1. DB2 Web Query for IBM i reporting and analytics
  2. SAP HANA support (Statement of Direction)
  3. Cognos Enterprise and SPSS for business analytics
  4. InfoSphere Big Insights and Streams for big data
  5. Solution for Analytics – Power Systems Edition
  6. IBM Data Engine for Analytics – for Hadoop workloads
  7. IBM Data Engine for NoSQL with CAPI-attached Flash
  8. BLU Acceleration – Power Systems Edition
  9. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration
  10. POWER8 architecture

POWER8 processors are specifically designed to optimize big data and analytics workloads. IBM actually offers pre-installed, optimized Power Enterprise Systems that bundle the server hardware with related software for easy implementation. Our clients’ data requirements are growing rapidly, and in some cases doubling every year. This results in huge amounts of both structured and unstructured data.

In a recent survey, most CIOs listed analytics as one of their top IT challenges or initiatives because they understand that if you can analyze industry trends and customer demands, it can provide a very beneficial competitive advantage. The IBM Power Systems platform is perfectly suited for providing this kind of business intelligence and analytics.

Check out our latest case study for a recent example of how POWER8 system solutions are beneficial to business.

If you have any questions about big data and analytics on Power Systems, or would like to see a demo, please reach out to your Sirius client executive or Power Systems engineer.

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