122434356Implementing a backup and recovery plan for your virtual environment can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. A key challenge is predicting the amount of storage capacity that will satisfy the future needs of the organization. Another common obstacle is system upgrades; many traditional DR deployments rely on rigid, hardware-based architectures that are expensive and involve unnecessary downtime.

Data management has proved to be a challenge for many organizations, few of which have been able to dedicate the resources to address not only backup, but also disaster recovery, archiving and business intelligence. Hyper-converged infrastructure has both significantly simplified the management of virtual infrastructure and reduced its cost, creating an opportunity to redirect attention to—and to improve—other areas.

On April 22nd join us for the final installment of our Sirius Thinking Webinars as we investigate the combination of top tools for hyper-convergence with Nutanix and information management with CommVault. Nutanix is one of the industry’s leaders for hyper-converged infrastructure, and has a wide range of successful implementations across industries and applications. CommVault is unique in that it manages data far beyond simply backing it up. With the CommVault Content Store, organizations have the ability to archive stale data, support disaster recovery scenarios, provide tools for legal compliance, and provide search tools for business intelligence.

Watch our recorded webinar below and learn about:

  • Efficient VM-centric backup and recovery: The Nutanix/CommVault solution gives you the ability to perform DR functions at the VM and file levels for efficient, simple and resilient backup
  • Flexibility of many-to-many replication: The CommVault architecture breaks the bounds of traditional site-to-site replication solutions to provide flexibility and greater resiliency in designing your backup plan
  • Scalability with zero downtime: As a software-defined platform, Nutanix delivers new features and upgrades via software, with no disruption to operations


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