83065620Have you ever downloaded a mobile application only to find it is not that easy to navigate, response time is poor, and you are not getting the information you want when you want it? Is your own company suffering a mobile Web misfire, a two-star app, or worse?

First- and second-generation apps are sunsetting! We are ringing in the age of the consumer, and the consumer wants an exceptional experience.

Yes, exceptional.

What does exceptional mean?

It means not only checking off the basics of quality and functional design, but focusing on the experience and serving information. That experience and information should be all about them. Do you know what they like? How they like it? When they like it? If you are not laser-focused on a consumer-driven mobile experience, you should be.

The age of the Internet was all about self-service. We were excited to be able to serve ourselves. Now, with our mobile devices, we are on the move and we don’t have the time or the space for self-services. Consumer-driven apps are focused on what consumers want, and have the ability to change along with consumer.

How do you evolve from a self-service way of thinking about experience to a “serving the consumer” experience? It is all about evolving your strategy and processes with the mobile user in mind.

The top 4 things to focus on:

  1. Strategy: Take a step back and look at your technology and process. Chances are, you are working with technology and strategies built for self-service. We need to replace those and focus on the user experience, as well as our agility in operations to serve those users.
  2. Plan for repeatability and growth: Once you select and transform a process or consumer experience to mobile, there is no turning back. Your employees, consumers and ROI will demand you continue, so keep repeatability in mind and it will save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.
  3. Consider a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP): If you are planning on more than one mobile application that will run on multiple OS platforms, MADPs have better security, tools for location awareness, back-end integration, connection, version controls and quick changes. They also offer up the opportunity for repeatability and an agile strategy.
  4. Analytics and testing tools are important in phase 1 of any mobile project. Don’t skip or skimp here. Most tools are not that much of an investment, and good analytics tools are one of the fastest ways to ROI. Remember, it is the age of the consumer — if you don’t know what their experience is and how to serve them better, they won’t be happy. If they are not happy, they will be more than happy to let other consumers know in the form of comments, reviews and one-star ratings.

Are you ready to harness the power of mobile? Download the Sirius Enterprise Mobility Solutions overview and learn how we can help you deliver a great user experience for your customers.