The Workload-defined Converged Infrastructure from Dell

13GPowerEdgeThe Dell PowerEdge FX platform has the unique ability to bridge between current infrastructures and future investments without sacrificing cost, capability or confidence.

With the PowerEdge FX architecture, Dell offers a revolutionary approach to converged infrastructure for all kinds of enterprise workloads. It’s future-ready IT that fits like a glove today, but has the flexibility to shift and scale as requirements change in the future. Watch this quick video to learn more about how PowerEdge FX2 allows you to:

  • Precisely tailor workload performance, whether traditional or new
  • Run more workloads in less space
  • Integrate modular server, storage and networking resources into a single 2U chassis

The PowerEdge FX architecture has taken convergence to the next level—not just by combining compute, storage and I/O, but by delivering exceptional processing power per rack.

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Additionally, read this e-paper about the top five characteristics your IT infrastructure should have in order to provide you with the best results.

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