ThinkstockPhotos-467030173Sirius Practice Manager Jarrod Lay discusses how content and data make for an exceptional user experience in an omni-channel world. His feature article below was originally published in the IBM Commerce blog.


Whether you are responsible for the P&L of digital properties or part of a team supporting web sites, mobile sites, hybrid sites and apps (directly or as a third party), I suspect you may consider the equation above a bit elementary. I challenge you then to consider how many of us have the bandwidth, budget or tools to confidently say I have mastered this simple formula and am ready to move on to more difficult challenges of managing an exceptional user experience.

Consider these real world examples:

  1. Three sentences left out of a “policies and procedures” write up ends up costing high six figures worth of lost revenue opportunity per quarter for a retailer in the mid-west This went on undetected for over three quarters.
  2. The addition of a single product attribute, reduces returns by more than 60% for a particular (highest volume) product line for a distributor in the northeast.
  3. Changing one field on a registration form increases customer acquisition double digits year over year for a healthcare institution in the mid-west.

If you’re looking for a way to better understand the roadblocks your visitors are running into and triage the appropriate response then IBM Tealeaf can help. Combining that with analytics data gives you a complete picture that will add a lot of value to your business.

We’ve come a long way since neon animated GIF’s highlighted the sale of the week. Omni-channel experience by way of synchronized offers and personalization is at the top of everyone’s to-be-state checklist. Streamlined processes that engage your end user at the right time, with the right content is where you need to be to boast a truly exceptional user experience.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many organizations, across various industries operating a number of different digital engagement models. From what I have seen, less than 20% of organizations have mastered these two simple fundamentals of content and data to drive an exceptional user experience. Yet, more than three-quarters of these organizations are looking to reach that omni-channel nirvana.

While everyone wants to move at the speed of light, very few are in a position to actually do it.   Do you have the right platforms for content, commerce, personalization and campaigns? Do you have the right tools for analytics, customer monitoring and experience optimization? Do you have the right people to institute and adhere to processes and governance to ensure the content and data moving through these platforms and tools is crisp and accurate? If you’re unsure or the answer is no, maybe or I don’t know to any of these – then tap the breaks.   Get the fundamentals right. The road to Omni-channel nirvana begins with good content and data.

IBM and Sirius Computer Solutions can help with platforms, tools and people to get you on the right road.