160840798The largest data center expenditure in today’s IT operation is storage.

The majority of organizations are struggling with:

  • How to define the right storage for various workloads they currently have, and those workloads that are going to be deployed soon
  • How to keep data updated, and how to transfer it securely to remote locations
  • How to manage heterogeneous storage environments that include hardware, software, provisioning and virtualization, and generating instant reports.

Databases have various characteristics as far as the read/write ratio, user accessibility, hot vs. cold data, non-disrupted upgrades, providing resources when needed, and data protection and recoverability. The remote location/disaster recovery (DR) sites are far and consistent and updated data is required. IT administrators have various solutions from different companies that make the management impossible. Business units need data fast and quick at the same time, IT management objective is to cut both CAPEX and OPEX costs.

In order to design and size the right solutions, organizations are required to provide so much preliminary information that it prolongs the project deployment. IT administration tasks are usually running the daily operations. They do not have overall information of the environment they are managing. The required data also must be up to date and represent current data management.

How do you capture live data on a daily basis from application usage, application availability, data protection, and forecast future growth in relation to IT infrastructure (compute, networking, and storage) requirement? There are so many manual processes that all enterprise customers are implementing that are times consuming and end up not being up to date by the time they are done.

There are so many tools as well that can be used to automate these processes. However, due to the constant changes in applications, data usages, and data management, a holistic approach with understanding of the entire stacks is imperative. We have the latest knowledge, tools, and expertise to provide the solutions that would capture the required data to design and size a right solution that would meet your IT requirement.

We know how complex and time consuming it is to get ready for a new or upgrading project that requires so many different data from computing, networking, and storage group. We know IT administrators are busy with so many tasks that they do not have the leverage and time to capture the data for a successful project design, sizing, and deployment.

We at Sirius have been doing large projects utilizing our tools and expertise to speed up large deployment projects in number of verticals like healthcare, retails, manufacturing, education, and government. We will be engaged with your team and project from the beginning to help you for a successful project.

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