SVOS_HDS_Blog_ImageMany IT leaders in enterprise ecosystems are exploring storage virtualization to maximize resources and reduce costs, but there’s much more to contemplate. Those looking to software defined data centers should understand that commoditizing storage to reduce costs is a good idea, but should not overshadow the overarching goal of automation of storage services to increase the return on total IT assets.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has built its virtualized operating system portfolio with this holistic thinking in mind. HDS creates its virtualized portfolio with the philosophy that the issue is a broader discussion and should include requirements that support total IT asset ROI — such things as automation of services for retention, provisioning, performance optimization, availability reliability and capacity optimization.

A lynchpin in this discussion is HDS’s SVOS (Storage Virtualization Operating System). SVOS provides system element management and advanced storage system functions, such as storage virtualization, thin provisioning, storage service-level controls and performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms. It abstracts information from storage systems, virtualizes and pools available storage resources and automates key storage management functions. In sum, SVOS represents the uncoupling of software from hardware, which gives its users the ability to move data around the various platforms in their data ecosystem — be it cloud, private or co-locations or what have you — with zero application downtime, and without disruption to users bases, regardless of their location. SVOS is an enabler, and a gateway element of the ROI on total IT assets. And it does all this with a single glass interface, tying back into a single framework.

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Darren Gourley is Director of Storage Solutions at Sirius.