commvaultnetappOne aspect of IT infrastructure that has been heavily impacted by data growth is backup and recovery applications. It was once true that backup and recovery applications were just that — singularly developed to address backup and recovery. Not anymore. Today, these applications have become true data management applications, incorporating functions such as deduplication, data life cycle management, and content indexing and searching. Although this has fulfilled arising new needs, it has also made architecture of these applications vastly complex.

Among the companies addressing this issue is CommVault, which recently introduced a purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) that promises to fulfill the need for simplicity, speed, and flexibility. The CommVault Backup Appliance, built in partnership with NetApp, bundles the full Simpana software suite with newly configured hardware.

The CommVault backup appliance can be configured to work in either an existing CommVault environment or as a new implementation. In the case of a new implementation, once the hardware is physically setup, backups can take place within an hour of powering on the appliance. A completely wizard-driven setup removes nearly all of the complexity from the equation, and once configured, users receive the full benefit of the Simpana suite – including deduplication, file archiving, content indexing, and search running on hardware architected by CommVault.

Sirius Computer Solutions holds the highest partner designations with both CommVault and NetApp, as a CommVault Platinum Partner and a NetApp Star Partner.

» Read the data sheet on the CommVault Backup Appliance with NetApp.
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