166107706Innovations in application delivery, data center-to-device management, storage optimization and flexible hybrid delivery in VMware Horizon 6 make enterprise desktops and applications easier and more cost-effective to deliver, protect and manage. Multiple access points such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and an array of other employee-owned devices are putting pressure on IT departments to deliver a high level of service and access without compromise.

Now IT no longer needs to decide between desktops or applications. With Horizon 6, enterprise applications and Windows operating systems are centrally managed so updates can be made in an agile and predictable manner. In addition, Horizon 6 enables entire desktops or just applications to be delivered in a flexible manner to end-users:

  • Virtually for access from multiple locations and devices
  • Physically by syncing the entire desktop image to end-user laptops for online and offline access
  • Securely by delivering applications and content in a managed secure container to support Bring Your Own PC scenarios

Regardless of the use case, VMware Horizon 6 delivers a consistent, self-service user experience for access to enterprise applications through a unified workspace. Capabilities in VMware Horizon 6 include:

Published applications and virtual desktops delivered through a single platform: VMware Horizon 6 offers streamlined management and end-user entitlement, as well as quick delivery of published Windows applications, RDS-based desktops and virtual desktops across devices and locations. These capabilities are built on a single platform that is an extension of the market-leading VDI solution, VMware Horizon View.

A unified workspace for simplified access: With VMware Horizon 6, end-users can access all applications and desktops from a single, unified workspace. The workspace supports the delivery of virtualized applications hosted in the data center or local on the device, Web and SaaS applications, RDS hosted applications, and published applications from third-party platforms such as Citrix XenApp, all with a single sign-on experience.

Storage optimization with VMware Virtual SAN and delivery from the software-defined data center: VMware Horizon 6 is optimized for the software-defined data center. The solution provides integrated management of VMware Virtual SAN, which can significantly reduce the cost of storage for virtual desktops by using local storage. With this innovation, the capital cost of virtual desktops with Horizon 6 can be similar to physical desktops.

Closed-loop management and automation: VMware Horizon 6 offers capabilities for end-to-end visibility and automation from data center-to-device. The VMware vCenter Operations for View provides health and risk monitoring, proactive end-user experience monitoring and deep diagnostics from data center-to-device, all within a single console. Horizon 6 also supports automation and self-service, allowing IT to provide line-of-business users with the ability to request desktops and applications using built-in workflows and automated infrastructure provisioning. This closed-loop management and automation is integrated with the vCloud Automation Center management console, making it easier for organizations with vCloud Suite to get started with Horizon 6.

Central image management of virtual, physical and employee-owned PCs: The Mirage feature offers centralized image management for virtual, physical and employee-owned PCs from a single, integrated solution. Using the updated VMware Mirage, IT administrators can design a single desktop with the required operating system and applications, and deliver it to end-users in a department or entire organization based on end-user needs.

Hybrid cloud delivery: VMware Horizon 6 introduces a client that seamlessly connects to virtual desktops and applications running in an on-premise cloud, a service provider partner cloud, or through VMware vCloud Hybrid Service with the same, high performance end-user experience. This flexibility gives organizations the ability to deploy Horizon 6 via the hybrid cloud, balancing between business-owned and public cloud-based infrastructure to best satisfy their needs.

With VMware Horizon 6, it’s looking like 2015 is going to be an exciting year in the virtual desktop space. Sirius would love to meet with you to discuss the changing landscape in virtual desktop and application delivery. We can help you make sense of all the exciting changes we are seeing, and understand how virtual desktops can help your business grow!

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