IBM SoftlayerWith Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), IT leaders are realizing they don’t have to trade flexibility for performance in the cloud.

IaaS provides modern IT infrastructure capabilities on a utility basis. Cost savings and optimal performance can be realized with the right partner for your use cases, and a properly architected and implemented solution.

So what is the best IaaS provider for your organization? Whether you are just getting started or have existing cloud accounts, Sirius can help. A leader in cloud, Sirius offers a comprehensive approach that leverages our deep consulting and technical expertise throughout the design and implementation phases.

Among our strategic cloud partners is SoftLayer, an IBM company. SoftLayer provides IaaS from 13 data centers in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Its global footprint includes 17 network points-of-presence, including combined data center/POP locations in Amsterdam, Dallas, Seattle, San Jose, Singapore and Washington, DC. SoftLayer plans to open 15 additional data centers worldwide this year. SoftLayer’s products and services include bare-metal and virtual servers, networking, turnkey big data and private cloud solutions, and more.

Sirius clients using SoftLayer also enjoy direct support from our account management team, as well as our Sirius ACT toolset for dedicated billing and account optimization. Sirius ACT helps clients reduce account sprawl and track all actual usage charges across every major product category.

Contact Sirius today to schedule a discovery discussion around your needs. To learn more, download the SoftLayer data sheet (.pdf), and visit us online.