178380232As your business grows, it can become difficult to keep track of all the infrastructure that’s covered by IT maintenance contracts – or not. The Sirius Resilient Infrastructure Maintenance Services (Sirius RIMS) solution provides your organization with consistent benefits that begin with simplifying your maintenance management.

Uninterrupted business operations and ongoing business strategy hinge on the ability of the hardware and software to enable the transformation of data into information. Without proper alignment of the supporting contract entitlement, you’re one failure away from a complete business disaster. An IBM Global IT Risk Study showed that 63 percent of risk issues that clients deal with are hardware and system related, meaning that currency with maintenance contracts and support is critical. But even organizations that think they have good IT risk mitigation often ignore technical support and maintenance.

The Sirius RIMS solution helps ensure your organization is adequately protected against hardware and software failure. It supports clients’ IT infrastructures through comprehensive, multivendor hardware and software contract management, reducing maintenance cost, risk and cycle time managing multi-vendor contracts.

The Sirius RIMS solution helps by:

  • Consolidating contracts for easier management
  • Ensuring accurate and current inventory management
  • Providing effective contract management for cost savings

Achieve increases in efficiency and manpower by streamlining contract tracking with Sirius RIMS. Contact Sirius or visit www.siriuscom.com/GoMaintenance to learn more about how you can keep track of inventory more easily.